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Park Detroit

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In Downtown Detroit, like many cities, parking is a hot commodity. With broken machines, overzealous meter attendants, and a city infrastructure that was behind the times, something had to be done. So Detroit installed a brand new system of zoned parking meters. App-enabled and high tech you could now pay for an area and your license plate would be your guide. With the app, it will even alert you when you’re running low on time. This brought Detroit’s parking situation into the 21st century.


The big challenge? The new system was set to launch in two weeks and the website explained more about the app than why the system was changed and how to use it. This required an understanding of a brand new system, an updated website, and a brand that fit the Detroit identity.

What We Did



Web Design

Web Development


Saga quickly went to learn as much about the new parking system as possible and got to the business of understanding why this would be better for residents and visitors. We created language, took photos of landmarks, created a simple diagram of how it works and developed a website to launch with the new system just in time.

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