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Detroit Future City

Planning the Future

While Detroit was going through the largest municipal bankruptcy in American History, the task to plan for the city’s future fell onto an organization called Detroit Future City (DFC). Pretty spot on name. As times change and the city itself begins to take on those planning functions and roles, DFC is shifting into a think-tank and thought-leader on usage of land and economic development. Unfortunately, those don’t tend to be the sexiest, most appealing stories.


Saga has a running relationship with Detroit Future City creating videos and helping shape the narrative in conjunction with their PR partner. With the shifting nature of funding, thought leadership, and scope, we find ourselves working across Solar energy campaigns, Environmental Justice Advocacy, and Reports on the economic impact of Black Detroiters over time. That range of work keeps us nimble but it also challenges us to stay on our toes and think of clever ways to make those stories human and personal.

What We Did

Solar Video

Black Middle Class Video

Narrative and Messaging Consultation

Graphic Design


For DFC, we focus on the human stories contained in all of the work. We have interviewed residents impacted, created videos that show the overall impact of their work, and helped align visuals to focus on access. Our working relationship allows us to stretch our storytelling into practical and solution-oriented work that really does impact the region in a systematic way.

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