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Who Is Saga

Saga is driven by stories. Stories of life. Stories of pain. Stories of love. Stories of us — people. As an agency, we focus on intimately understanding your customers “why.” Everything we create is for people, through the lens of emotion, engagement, and sustained relationship building. In the wrong hands, marketing can be used to twist, turn, pivot and pervert the human experience in the pursuit of profit. But in the right hands, we can use marketing to bring people together, build community, and ultimately, make the world a smaller place. Tell stories that move people.

We Are Storytellers

Saga is a Storytelling Agency based in the heart of Downtown Detroit. We’re a team of designers, creators, and humans that believe that we can change an industry that’s forgotten the core of marketing -- Powerful, human-centered storytelling. Detroit is a city with a rich history and it has informed how we approach the world. We know that life is about people. Saga specializes in telling their stories. 2801 Clark St | Detroit, MI. 48210 | (313) 230-0394

Marketing can be honest if we just let it be.

It can be used for the greater good. The narratives we tell can change hearts and minds. They can bring people closer together, but only if we tell the right ones. Marketing can make people feel heard and considered. Social media opens up new channels of communication to include your customers. We can partner with our communities like never before.


Diversity is about sharing ideas creating new ways of looking at the world. We build campaigns with the future in mind.


We don’t believe that all people are the same. Our life experiences inform how we make choices. Saga seeks to understand how communities relate to brands and how brands can be more intuned with those realities.


As the world becomes increasingly more global, our stories become increasingly more entangled.


Many of the great things we have today were created in niche, marginalized communities. We use our expertise to understand how and why ideas proliferate and tell inclusive stories that respect the people they come from. 






Through using outreach and traditional media, we meet the consumer where they are to create a lasting impression. We use digital tools to bridge gaps and create a consistent method of engagement to build a genuine connection between brands and their market.

Immersion is our discovery phase. We dive deep into your brand to experience who you are. Through conversation, brand auditing, and scrubbing your media, we integrate with your brand as deeply as possible to understand your voice and culture. 

We refer to our creation phase as crafting. This is where we use our expertise and understanding of the data we've collected from the immersion phase to develop campaigns that fulfill your goals and captivate your customer base.

When we publish your story across platforms we aim for impact, both emotional and data-driven. No matter what distribution method we decide, from traditional to social, we drive towards your business goals.

Our dialogue phase is about being adaptable. These days, audiences don't want to be spoken at, but rather share in a two-way communication across platforms. Our campaigns are tailored to evolve with the market need and response to their needs. We test, adjust and test again. Being nimble is the name of the game.

We look forward to telling your story. 

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