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2801 Clark Ave
Detroit, MI. 48210
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Live Cycle Delight

Train. Sweat. Restore.

Cycling is taking the world by storm. It’s an exciting entry in the world of fitness and the intense and charismatic Amina is making a splash in Detroit as a fitness expert and community ambassador.


Amina's dream was to create a brand that harnessed the authenticity of Detroit and provided a level of experience and class that was expected from a national brand. She combined Cycling, Yoga, and TRX to give her clients a balanced fitness and life experience. Live Cycle Delight is a brand that is all about balance.

What We Did

Brand Strategy
Creative Direction


Saga managed the vision, the story, and consulted on how to create a brand that brought true intensity, elevated the narrative, and brought together a team to create an identity that brought Live Cycle Delight to life.

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