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Cornerstone Schools

The Cornerstone of Education

Cornerstone Schools is a Christian-based education system that believed in culture and rigorous education. The flagship was a high cost private school with incredibly high test scores and graduation rates but a dwindling enrollment rate. Cornerstone kids were bright, Cornerstone families were engaged, but enrollment was no easy task in a city with high poverty, increasing competition for students, and a dual charter vs private brand creating confusion in the marketplace.


After a steady decline in enrollment due to shifting economic conditions and a confusing naming convention between free and paid schooling, Saga had to establish key differentiators and create a series of campaigns that told the true Cornerstone story.

Cornerstone Nevada, the private school, also has a sister brand of Charter Schools. This made it challenging to differentiate between the “free” and “paid” versions of the brand.

What we Did

Transit Ads
Radio Commercials
Social Media Videos
One-on-one Interviews
Market Report
Web Portal / Lead gen

The Strategy

For two years, Saga took a very hands-on approach with Cornerstone Nevada, the private campus, to create a strong differentiator from its free charter school network and establish itself as a premier education destination. We started by laying the foundation with a new more vivid brand and creating a series of digital ads that promoted the high graduation rates. Between school years we did in-depth interviews with past, present, and potential cornerstone families to glean insights into parent needs. We connected our campaign to the enrollment coordinator and created advertising the reflected conversations with the families, activated during cultural events, and told student stories in their own words.

faith. family. culture.

A campaign built to inspire

Instead of telling the world how great Cornerstone was, we let the students speak for themselves.



By the end of our campaign, we played a part in 60% of the students enrolled up to that point.



Over the two years of media, both traditional and social, we impacted the region many times over.


Open House Conversion

We substantially impacted enrollment, converting families and building community.

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