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Life Remodeled

Durfee Innovation Society

A Neighborhood Landmark

Life Remodeled is an organization that has made a career out of working in the community and helping the residents to rebuild their own neighborhoods. They’ve helped students imagine new ways to interact with their environments and then build those realities. After the organization came into possession of a massive vacant middle school, community relations soured and the organizations wanted to find ways to reconnect with the residents.


Durfee Middle School has a lot of history in Detroit, and under new leadership, they were looking to change or update the name. The question was, “How can we do this and give the community a say in the naming so that they would also have ownership?” Can this be a way to manage expectations and show that Life Remodeled truly wanted to be a part of the neighborhood?

Community Engagement
Product Naming
Brand workshop facilitation


Saga came up with a simple plan. Let’s let the kids from the nearby school rename Durfee. From there, we worked with Life Remodeled who selected many types of students who could be engaged in the process. They named the school 100% and it came out mighty sophisticated if I do say so myself. P.S. Their tagline is awesome too.

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