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Let’s Detroit

Let’s Detroit

The Detroit Regional Chamber is the premier business association in Southeastern Michigan. They facilitate many endeavors to strengthen the region, foster unity, and create a business ecosystem that is conducive to growth. One issue the region faces is talent drain. It’s hard to run a great business when your talent is escaping to other states. So the Let’s Detroit Initiative was born. The goal? Create a platform that helps to retain talent by filling in the experiential gaps and connecting people to create a cohesive community.


Let’s Detroit didn’t even have a name when it came to us. Spearheaded by an ambitious Regional Chamber employee, she charged ahead with the goal to make living in the region easier and more fun with much clearer career pathways.

A project like this had many stakeholders, expectations, and regional baggage to overcome to be successful. In partnership with an all-star web development company, we set out to brand the initiative, create an authentic voice rooted in community, and tell the story of this brand new talent retention talent form.


What We Did


Social Strategy
Graphic Design


We developed a brand that was bold, vivid, and rooted in urbanism that this area is known for. We built a brand that worked both online and offline that could highlight communities in urban and rural areas. Though centered in Detroit, the brand was inclusive and the storytelling was flexible enough to make all feel welcome. Our social media strategy also had a touch of wry urban voice. Why? Because there ain't no flavor like Detroit flavor.

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