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Central City

Integrated Health

Central City Integrated Health

One of the biggest challenges the low income and homeless population faces is healthcare. Physical and behavioral health challenges undiagnosed can ruin lives and dramatically lower one's quality of life. This organization has been at the forefront of combating mental illness and when new leadership took the reins, they decided it was time to change the name, look, and the way it engaged with the community.


With a storied history, a rename and rebrand were risky. Updating the story and expanding the brand so that it could umbrella new tactics for combating the mental health and homeless epidemic in these communities was also complex. They were also attached to the primary icon of the logo, so we were tasked with building around it.

What we Did


Architectural Photography

Housing Sub-Brand

Graphic Design

Web Design

Web Development


We focused on solutions. From the icon and color scheme, we expanded new graphic treatments and created new messaging and strategies that could work on new locations and facilities. We updated wayfinding signage, as well, and designer fresher materials. We spent time to interview the employees and patients to truly understand what made the organization special. From those insights, we created a brand and web presence in which they could be proud of.

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