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Macomb Partners in HealtH

Health Around the Corner

The Greater Detroit Area Health Council partnered with the county of Macomb and other health providers to find a way to combat rising health issues related to lack of access to healthy foods, inactivity, and general public lack of awareness.


With this many stakeholders, we had to strike a distinct balance. We needed to create a professional brand that elevated the funders but it also had to be friendly and fresh to engage the consumer. The plan was, split the backend from the consumer brand, but how could that work and still stay true to the message?

What we Did


Graphic Design


Like the philosopher Mary Poppins once said, a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. We first worked to change the public name of the campaign to “Health Around the Corner.” With a new friendlier name and positioning, we built a brand and language system that was warm, inviting, and told a story that local businesses, public spaces, and healthcare providers could adopt.

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