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Gilchrist For Clerk

A New Era for Politics

New fresh voices are taking politics by storm. Garlin Gilchrist II has a long history of problem solving, political organizing, and voters rights. Now, the first Black Lt. Governor in Michigan’s history, Garlin’s political career started one fateful day when he went to vote with his children and realized the voting process could all be so much better. A problem solver, an advocate, and now a history maker, Garlin’s political rise started with a legendary run for Detroit City Clerk.


Garlin started off as a relative unknown and underdog candidate. At the beginning, he had 2% name recognition and he was facing off against an incumbent and many well connected Detroit insiders. Our task was to quickly establish Garlin’s credibility, carve out a niche in a competitive political landscape, and overcome long-distance odds for a fresh political face.

What We Did

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Digital Video Series
Tv Commercials


With Garlin leading a full court press on the ground and a 21st-century campaign strategy, our goal was to develop campaign messaging, visuals, and TV spots that would be memorable, interesting, and leave a mark. Our ads were full of humor and capitalized on Garlin’s unique stature and presence. I mean, come on, the man’s 6’8”.

Stand Tall For Detroit

At 6'8" Garlin's tagline was a descriptor and a commitment. After years of mismanagement, the campaign was going to prove that Garlin could be a more effective leader and we were going to have a little fun engaging and educating Detroiters along the way.


Organic Video Views

Unique and Quirky Videos took on a life of their own online



Engagement was the primary objective



As Garlin grew in popularity, fans found and shared more and more.

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