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Detroit 67

The Summer that Changed it all

The summer of 67 was a tumultuous time in the city of Detroit. Everyone has a different story and some even have different titles for it. Uprising? Riot? Rebellion? One thing we can all agree on, it changed Detroit forever.


Detroit has a long history of racial and political division and economic disparity. Many people wrongfully attribute it to a “riot” in 1967 that was the peak of racial tension and sparked five full days of violence, looting, and arson. </ br> When the Detroit Historical Society decided to take ownership of telling a story that could uncover old wounds and create more division in the attempt to promote healing, Saga was tapped to help navigate the delicate language and storytelling to be used between funders and communities.


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Our narratives had to speak to a specific audience. Understanding the stakes for all parties informed how we told the story and how we engaged different platforms. We partnered with the Detroit Historical Society and took a deep dive into the stories they were collecting to help them create concise but thoughtful positioning.

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