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Detroit Water and Sewerage

Access for All.

Access to payment centers and areas has always been complicated for Detroiters. The Water Department decided to do something about it. When they needed to roll out a new app and system for paying your water bill they realized that authentic and engaging brand would be needed.


Introducing a new set of technologies and processes is always an interesting transition. Especially in a community where the digital divide is very dense and the well of trust in city services has run dry, our job is to make these improvements simple and easy to understand and bridge the gap that has been built over the years of head-butting.


Informational Videos
Character Design
Campaign Branding


We created a series of videos, including a commercial and How-tos in the voice of Detroiters. The character we created is warm and familiar with local characteristics that is “Detroit” but not overdone. We wanted to be true to the city, true to the culture, and engaging with our tone.

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