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GAA Manufacturing

and Supply Chain

Putting the Emotion into Logistics

GAA, formerly known as Global Automotive Alliance, is a conglomerate of supply chain and light manufacturing companies under a single umbrella. With clients spanning from Aerospace to Coffee such as Boeing and Starbucks, GAA has been rapidly establishing itself as a national player. Due to a sudden rapid expansion, they understood that they needed a brand that could fit the 5 companies that comprised it and a uniform identity for each.


Each of GAA’s companies had an identity, strategy, customer base, and reputation in their respective fields and geographies. Also, with the rapid expansion, even employees internally weren’t as connected to the mission, and some of the entities were losing their family feel and connectedness. How could we get a true understanding across 24 sites and over 1100 employees to give this brand a consistent identity, voice and direction?


What We Did

Brand Family Design
Brand Narratives
Internal Communication Strategy
External Communication Strategy
Employee Research
Logo Design
Marketing Collateral
Tradeshow Booth Design / Rendering


We became partners with GAA to understand everything we could about their industry, clients, and employees. We flew across 3 states to interview over 60 employees to create a report and understand their experiences and needs. We used insights from the leadership and employees to build a visual identity to separate GAA from the pack. Supply Chain and manufacturing is rarely sexy, but we couldn't settle for less. We pushed the people to the forefront and created a brand identity for GAA, the parent, 2 of the companies beneath, multiple web sites, and developed a people and community-oriented voice in an industry that often focuses more on logistics than people.

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