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Break a Leg

Bravo Bravo! is a celebration of culture, music, and youth. It puts a contemporary spin on a historied, cultural landmark that could be seen as getting old and out of touch. Sometimes, when we’re trying to reach a new market we lose site of the core principles and chase more than we attract. Bravo Bravo! was a victim of this, but is turning that around with a new inspiring direction.


The Michigan Opera Theatre has a storied history of celebrating the arts in the city. When Bravo Bravo! was created to connect MOT to a younger audience, it marked a new era in ways to engage. After about a decade, Bravo Bravo moved away from its core mission and became more “lit party” than future patron pipeline. That changed overall perception and general interest of the Opera Theatre. The big questions were, how do we realign the identity, reflect the City of Detroit for a new generation, and raise money for the institution all at the same time? And all within a short and hurried timeline.

What We Did

Brand Refresh

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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Management
Digital Strategy


To get the word out about the reinvigorated event, we executed a 30-day digital blitz that garnered over 2.5 million Google Adword impressions, 6,000+ ad clicks, and close to 300,000 Facebook impressions. The most important goal for all outreach efforts was ticket sales. The event ended up selling 1,200 tickets, 20% greater than the target goal.


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